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09 February 2018

Trinity students held a charity coffee morning (and lunch break) on 1st February to raise money for the children caught up in this crisis.  A fantastic array of cakes and refreshments were available for all students and staff to take advantage of, including Mr Kabir’s home made pakoras and samosas, which were a huge hit especially for staff at lunch time. 

An amazing amount of £325 was raised for this very just cause, which has been added to the £28,000 already raised by Jamia Masjid Noor Redditch, where four people from this charity have now travelled directly to Bangladesh refugee camps to help those in need.

This crisis has arisen following military attacks against the Rohingya last summer, where horrific reports of massacres, of homes set ablaze, of villages burned to the ground have been seen.  In a matter of months, more than 350,000 children have been forced to abandon their homes in search of safety, and some have escaped into neighbouring Bangladesh crowding into makeshift settlements, and are in urgent need of food, shelter and healthcare.

Mr Ward said, “students felt this was such an important issue, they really wanted to do something about it, and I am immensely proud again of our school’s empathy towards situations like this and us wanting to do our bit.  Well done to all of those involved in running this charity event and for the massive support it received, with special thanks to Mr Kabir for bringing this idea to school and to year 12 students; Zobiya, Ismat, Annicah, Sanya, Aaliyah, Maddy, Jack, Idrees and Subhan for organising the event”.

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