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10 July 2015

We arrived in Barcelona on the 29th June at 11am. After a long day of travelling we arrived at the hotel and had a day to relax around the pool and explore the town around us. 

On the second day we had an early start and a busy day ahead of us. We started by visiting the famous football ground Camp Nou. The experience for the girls may have been less of an enjoyment but as for Charlie, it was a dream come true! As the day continued, we visited the La Sagrada Familia which is known as Gaudi Cathedral. This gave us an insight of the Christian religion around Barcelona, however the Cathedral is still not finished. To finish off the day, we visited the Las Ramblas for shopping and gifts for our families. As the day came to an end, we chilled on the beach and played some team sports which we did every night of the holiday.

As the third day began everybody was excited to visit the theme park, Port Aventura. In the theme park there was a rollercoaster which was the highest in Europe. We spent the whole day there as there was a variety of rides to enjoy and something for everyone!  It was a great day and the weather was nice which made the day even better.  When we returned to the hotel we went back out shopping around the local town and enjoying the food and the atmosphere.

Finally the last day that everyone was looking forward to came, it was the water park. There was loads of slides for people to enjoy but the floor was burning our feet! This was the best day to catch a tan and teachers nagged us to apply sun cream so we wouldn’t burn.  We had an amazing time at the park.  The water park was by far the best day in many people’s opinions as people enjoyed the sun, the rides and each other’s company.

Even though we had to leave Barcelona very early in the morning, it was an overall great holiday and we would recommend students who have the opportunity to go. We would like to thank Miss Jordan for organising the trip and Mr Moore, Mr Khawaja and Mrs Reynolds for making our holiday a great one!

Leah, Chloe and Amy (Year 10)

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